Homemade Face Masks – How To Make

I have modified slightly the original instructions from Michael Garron Hospital mask challenge. #1000masks
The inside pocket is to allow for a filter to be added. They suggest: Vacuum cleaner filters, coffee filters, paper towel or Kleenex.
They recommend that the masks be washed daily in hot water and detergent.


Fabric: for the outside use dark coloured polyester, cotton/polyester blend or 100% cotton for the inside use light coloured 100% cotton

Elastic: 3cm flat elastic (1/8”), elastic hair ties, ribbon or fabric strips

Wire: MGH suggested a twist tie, but I used a 4” piece of pipe cleaner and turned the sharp ends under.

Cutting instructions:

Child – 1 piece of outside fabric 22cm x 15cm (8 3/4” x 6)
1 piece of inside fabric 20cm x 13cm (8” x 5 1/4”)
2 pieces of 3cm wide elastic 15cm (5”) or 2 hair elastics cut open

Woman – 1 piece of outside fabric 23cm x 16cm (9” x 6 1/4”)
1 piece of inside fabric 22cm x 15cm (8 1/4” x 5 1/2”)
2 pieces of 3cm wide elastic 16cm (6”) or 2 hair elastics cut open

Man – 1 piece of outside fabric 24cm x 17cm (9 1/2” x 6 3/4”
1 piece of inside fabric 20cm x 13cm (8 3/4” x 6”)
2 pieces of 3cm wide elastic 17cm (6 1/2”) or 2 hair elastics cut open


1. Cut 1 outside piece, 1 inside piece and 2 pieces of elastic for each mask

Cut inside and outside piece.
Cut two pieces of elastic.

2. Mark 1/4″ on 2 short sides of inside and outside.

3. Make a narrow hem by folding on the line, ironing and turning under again. Sew hem down.

iron the hem
1/4″ hem

4. Mark three pleats on both sides on the front of the outside fabric. See charts.

mark the pleats on the side
mark 3 pleats on each side.

5. Bring marks together and pin. There are 3 pleats of each side. Pleats should point down.

start fold between the marks
fold to the pleat marks
pinned pleats
pinned pleats

6. Stitch pleats in place.

stitch pleats in place

7. Mark centre of inside fabric and make 1/4” pleat on each side. Pin and stitch in place.

fold and mark the center
fold to make a pleat
pin the centre pleats
pin the other side.

8. Put outside and inside fabric right sides together and pin the top and bottom.

put the right sides together
pin along the length

9. Sew 1/4” seam along top and bottom edges.

sew the right sides together along the length

10. Zigzag pipe cleaner to the centre of the top edge seam allowance.

zigzag stitching the pipe cleaner
pipe cleaner zigzag stitched in place

11. Turn right side out.

12. Place elastic in the seam allowance along the top and bottom of the short sides.

placing the elastic
pinning before top stitch

13. Top stitch around all four sides, backstitching at the elastic to secure

top stitching
top stitching along the length

14. Fold the top edge at the centre to make nose

Face Masks Available

We have been making face masks for the past month or so. We started making masks for visitors to the Michael Garron Hospital. If you would like a mask, get it touch with us. We are providing them for free as we are contributing to staying safe and saving lives.

They are available for pick up in Toronto for individuals and small families. They are not for resale.

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